Landscaping & Gardening Services

We have been landscaping and gardening for over 20 years! We cover everything from growing and installing native plant pollinator gardens, to installing natural stone walls and walkways, raised bed food gardens and all things gardening. We grow many native plants and herbs right on our farm. For more information or to book a quote please contact: [email protected]

Our services include:

            • Installing garden beds to attract pollinators and birds

            • Installing food gardens

            • Raised beds, trellises and pergolas

            • Garden maintenance – Pruning, weeding, mulching

            • Natural Stone Landscaping

            • Invasive and hazardous plant removals

            • Garden consultations/designs

Garden Beds

We design, install, and maintain garden beds of all kinds. We specialize in creating new beds that attract birds and pollinators as well as help clients with existing gardens to add plants that will attract them. We  encourage our clients to include native plants and pollinators so their gardens are vibrant, and have a positive impact on the surrounding systems.

Food Gardens

We design and install food gardens. Grow vegetables, fruit, berries and nuts using in ground and raised bed designs depending upon your needs. We install trellises, pergolas, entrance ways and structures to grow vertically in the garden. See our nursery page for a current list of plants we offer.

Natural Stone Landscaping

Stacked rock walls, rock borders, stone pathways and rock features.


A two hour consultation includes detailed information and advice addressing specific needs, concerns and general gardening ideas – Garden designs, planting advice/locations, identifying plants, dealing with pests, resources, shade planting, watering methods, vegetables, invasive species, composting. For more information or to book a quote please contact: [email protected]

“Butterflies used to reproduce on the native plants that grew in our yards before the plants were bulldozed and replaced with lawn. To have butterflies in our future, we need to replace those lost host plants…..If we do not, butterfly populations will continue to decline with every new house that is built.” ― Douglas Tallamy